Monday, October 17, 2011


Welcome to 132 Minutes, a fan page dedicated to the author Melina Marchetta! The purpose of this page is to support Melina Marchetta and to keep fans updated on the latest information about her novels.

Originally this site was going to have a general name like Melina Marchetta Fans. But there are already two groups I created (on Twitter and deviantART) with that title, and since I didn't want it to get confusing, I decided to go with something a bit more unique. 132 minutes is actually a reference to the opening line in one of Melina Marchetta's novels. Can you guess which one? That line has stuck with me ever since I read it.

I would love for other fellow fans to guest post or share their reviews, interviews, etc. So, if you would like to share anything, you can contact 132 Minutes at:

Email- marchettafans(at)live(dot)com
Twitter- @MMarchettFANS

Anyone from Melina Marchetta's publishers can contact us through there as well, if needed. Thank you!


  1. "My father took one hundred and thirty two minutes to die." Jellicoe Road

    I'll never forget that either. arlene...

  2. I love that now Melina Marchetta fans have a place to come and just talk about how awesome her books are! Thanks for creating this page!

  3. Sweet!! I was thinking the other day of starting one of these...I'm glad someone thought of it.

    I would love to submit reviews or anything. There are a bunch of her fans on Goodreads with plenty of good things to say about her work.

    - Wendy

  4. I love this idea!

    I know this blog has been mainly about her books, but will there be updates about the upcoming movie adaptation(s)? I myself am very loyal to the books, but since the screenplay's being written by MM, I have hopes. :)